For all those responsible for floor maintenance, Americo recently released a new mobile app to offer answers and real-time feedback to the industry’s most challenging questions about floor pad and mat selection. With so many products available and other variables, it’s enough to leave users baffled at which pad will provide the best results for each job, not to mention which floor mat to use. Americo takes the guesswork out of floor maintenance by introducing an innovative tool that provides immediate consultation—backed by the latest methods and advice from leading experts in the Jan/San industry.

Americo’s app will help users streamline the process and achieve amazing results every time. After answering simple questions, the user receives advice on which pad is most appropriate for the type of floor, machine, soil, and more. The app also gives information on correct methods, thorough how-to instructions and videos. Americo offers the mobile as a free download to the Jan/San industry.

Americo’s Marketing Director, Cameron Harrison says, “As the industry continues to move towards mobile technology, making use of smart and responsive apps like Americo’s, just makes sense in terms of improving productivity for floor maintenance. Our app converts iOS and Android devices into fully functional on-the-job reference tools and training for proper floor care. Americo’s app is designed to assist users in achieving remarkable results with fewer operational processes, which will ultimately lower their costs. This is just another example of Americo’s commitment to excellence and serving our industry.”

The Floor Pad Selector Guide offers recommendations based on the user’s own requirements, such as floor type, application, floor condition, equipment, and finishes. Americo’s app provides product details and allows the users to share the information instantly. The selector guide also allows the user to switch views from diamond pads to traditional floor pads for product and method comparison.

The app’s Mat Selector Guide offers (market segmented) recommendations based on placement, mat type, foot traffic, and more. Other components of this app include access to teaching tools, product details for instant sharing, an environmental calculator, educational videos on sustainable solutions, and an exclusive inside tour of Americo’s production plant. The mobile app is multilingual based featuring both English and Spanish translations. A free download is currently available for both Android and iOS users.

For more details or to test the mobile application visit us at Americo’s ISSA Booth #1229 in Las Vegas, NV on October 20-23, 2015. Users can vote for Americo’s app at ISSA’s Innovation Award Program online at–technology until October 16th or onsite at ISSA’s Visitors Choice through October 23rd.