The Customer Service Group, a publisher recognized for honoring customer service “heroes”, selected Kim for their Spotlight Award recipient in last month’s issue. All recipients of the accolade are nominated based on superlatives such as exceptional customer service skills, problem-solving, being a team-player and outstanding leader in their field. “Kim’s work will serve as an inspiration to readers of The Customer Communicator,” says Margaret DeWitt, TCSG, Publisher.

Kim is always very responsive to her internal and external customers when needed. She clearly derives enjoyment from her duties and her enthusiasm has contributed to the fun working atmosphere in Americo’s Customer Service Department. “One of the great things about Kim is that she is always very organized, thorough, and detail-oriented—which is very important when you are handling customer call issues. But first and foremost, she just cares about the quality of the work that she does,” stated Vanecia Lord, Americo Customer Service Manager.

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