Artwork Requirements

Guidelines for Artwork Submission

To ensure the best quality reproductions, here are some guidelines to follow when submitting artwork for your mat.

File Formats

Pre-Print Prep

File formats accepted – Vector

We prefer to receive art in one of the following three vector formats (in order of preference):


  • Adobe Illustrator (CS through CS6)
  • EPS Outlines (any version)
  • PDF (any version)

File formats accepted – Raster

Art received as raster art will need to be redrawn as vector art and then will be prepared for die striking. If you do provide art to us in raster format, it should be in one of the following three formats:


  • TIFF
  • JPG
  • PSD

Applications Not Supported


Web Graphics such as jpeg, gif or png. PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher or Bmp files are also not accepted.

Pre-Print Prep



It is critical that you either convert all fonts (type) to outlines whenever possible, or include the fonts with your file. Not doing this will result in a delay to your order as we will request that you resubmit art with the fonts outlined or included.


Digital art renders images as a finite number of dots (or pixels) per inch. The size at which a piece of digital art can be reproduced is limited to the resolution of that file, measured in dots per inch, or “dpi.”