Floor Pads

The most extensive line of floor pads for any cleaning need and floor type. A sustainable, high quality and efficient solution for floor care.

Full Cycle® Floor Pads

Exceptional Performance and Green Seal Certified!

Full Cycle® Products are certified by Green Seal® for
Environmental Innovation based on faster biodegradation
in landfill conditions and 100% recycled content/natural fiber.

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TrapEze® Dusting Sheets

 TrapEze® helps reduce cross contamination. 

  •  TrapEze® sweep and dust sheets are a great solution in any public facility. 
  • TrapEze® is more effective. Independent tests show that TrapEze® picks up 73% more dust and debris than other dusting sheets. 
  • TrapEze® is more hygienic than reusable dust cloths. No more dragging soiled dusting equipment from room to room. Simply discard after use and stop spreading germs. A fresh clean sheet is ready for the next room. 
  • TrapEze® is the convenient way to clean floors, window ledges, vents, light fixtures, and crown molding. 
  • TrapEze® works on any tool and gets the job done in those hard to reach places. 
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Americo's Mobile App

Americo takes the guesswork out of floor pad and mat selection! Choosing the right floor pad and mat is important for effective floor maintenance. This app will help users achieve amazing results, fewer operational processes, and lower their costs.

  • Go-to references for floor maintenance
  • Access to teaching tools by the experts
  • Product details for instant sharing
  • Multilingual based
  • How-to videos

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