NSA Welcome Page Featuring Americo’s SmartScrub™ Floor Pad

Welcome to NSA’s SmartScrub™ Landing Page

Full Cycle® Products are certified by Green Seal® for Environmental Innovation based on faster biodegradation in landfill conditions and 100% recycled content/natural fiber. GreenSeal.org/GS20

SmartScrub™ is highly effective with just water; this innovative pad gradually increases the shine with each use. When used regularly, SmartScrub™ can reduce or eliminate the need to burnish. SmartScrub™ is designed for wet use with a low-speed auto scrubber or single disc rotary machine. This process reduces dust, creating a healthier work environment. Better yet, SmartScrub™ is Green Seal™ certified, which is a win for everyone.


  • Beautiful floors in one step, saves time and money
  • Labor saving, reduces/eliminates the need to burnish
  • Brightly colored wear indicator takes away the guess work
  • Environmentally preferred, made with 100% recycled material
  • Reduces dust in the work environment
  • Chemical-free, works with just water
  • Versatile, can be used with many flooring substrates

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