Glit Microtron CocoPad with Full Cycle Logo


Glit®/Microtron® blended polyester and natural coconut fibers

  • Naturally lubricating fiber with a pleasant fragrance
  • For frequent to moderate burnishing
  • Recommended for use on machines up to 3,000 rpm

This is a naturally lubricating fiber pad for UHS burnishing. The coconut fibers are both organic and biodegradable. It is ideal for floor finish where frequent to moderate UHS burnishing is recommended.

Color: Variegated Tan

Machine Speed: Up to 3000 RPM

Gorilla Lite
405417 405418 405419 405420 405421 405422 405423 405424 405427 405456 405428

Full Cycle® Products are certified by Green Seal® for Environmental Innovation based on faster biodegradation in landfill conditions and 100% recycled content/natural fiber.


Stock CodePad SizePads Per CaseCase WeightCase Cube
40541717″52.55 lbs0.86
40541818″52.75 lbs0.96
40541919″53.15 lbs1.07
40542020″53.36 lbs1.19
40542121″53.77 lbs1.43
40542222″54.01 lbs1.43
40542323″54.43 lbs1.70
40542424″54.69 lbs1.70
40542727″23.47 lbs0.92
40545627″56.08 lbs2.31
40542828″23.59 lbs0.92