Round Maroon X Floor Pad 1200

Maroon X Floor Pad

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  • Extra-aggressive for use on demanding stripping and restoration applications.
  • Can be used wet (with water or neutral detergent) or dry on any commercial floor.
  • Durable, with extended cut life comparative to the leading heavy-duty strip pad.

The Maroon X heavy-duty restoration pad can be used wet (with water or a neutral detergent) or dry for the removal of floor finish on any commercial floor.  It is extra-aggressive for demanding stripping applications and provides longer and more consistent cut life.  Maroon X contains more abrasive content and tighter web construction for faster finish and scuff removal which translates into savings.

Color: Maroon

Machine Speed: Up to 350 RPM

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Floor Pads

Stock CodePad SizePads Per CaseCase WeightCase Cube
42091212″102.17 lbs0.43
42091313″102.55 lbs0.51
42091414″102.95 lbs0.59
42091515″103.49 lbs0.76
42091616″103.86 lbs0.76
42091717″104.35 lbs0.86
42091818″104.87 lbs0.96
42091919″105.43 lbs1.07
42092020″106.02 lbs1.19
4209121812″ x 18″10 3.95 lbs0.65
4209142014″ x 20″105.12 lbs0.83
4209142814″ x 28″10 7.16 lbs1.16
4209143214″ x 32″108.18 lbs1.33

Hand Pads

Stock CodePad SizePads Per CaseCase WeightCase Cube
5101076″ x 9″201.36 lbs0.45
5101126″ x 9″505.1 lbs1.23

Octopus Pads

Stock CodePad SizePads Per CaseCase WeightCase Cube
5410084.5″ x 10″483.52 lbs0.68


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