Twister™ Purple (SuperClean)

  • For daily cleaning
  • Removes surface dirt and debris
  • Use with water – no harsh chemicals required
  • Recommended for use on machines up to 350 rpm


Twister™ pads work effectively in daily cleaning on all coated floors. A Twister™ Purple (SuperClean) pad and water is all that is required to remove dirt from the floor. For optimal shine, buff the floor using a Twister™ Gray (SuperGloss) pad on a high-speed burnisher.

434813 434814 434815 434816 434817 434818 434819 434820


Stock CodePad SizePads Per CaseCase WeightCase Cube
43481313″21.03 lbs0.29
43481414″21.04 lbs0.29
43481515″21.07 lbs0.38
43481616″21.09 lbs0.38
43481717″21.11 lbs0.48
43481818″22.00 lbs0.48
43481919″22.04 lbs0.59
43482020″22.07 lbs0.59