Original Equipment Manufacturer

Americo is a prime supplier of high-loft, coarse denier, nonwoven material with over 50 years of experience. Americo’s nonwoven material is manufactured using an air laid process of post consumer and industrial recycled polyester fiber ranging from 15 to 300 denier, proprietary mixes and latex binders. Our production processes consist of state-of-the-art computer controlled production lines and our quality management systems emulate ISO 9000-2001 standards. We qualify all of our raw components and each and every production run of material.

Americo’s nonwoven material is available in an array of colors, densities, and abrasives with thicknesses ranging from 8mm to 50mm. Our material is used in a diverse array of retail and commercial applications, including; floor pads and hand pads, water garden and aquarium filtration, mechanical filtration, geotextile underlayment, roofing ridge-vents, and for many other specialty applications and industries.

In addition to our standard product line of nonwoven material, our sales, engineering and production team will work with our customers to develop custom material to meet specific requirements. We provide our material in bulk rolls, sheets and custom cut sizes.

Being a prime manufacturer, as opposed to a distributor or intermediary, ensures that we never lose control of the supply chain. Our quality nonwoven material, excellent service, and belief in building partnerships with our customers has been the key to our 40 year success.

To find out more information on Americo’s OEM products, please fill out the contact form below or call us at 800-241-9902

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