Diamond cleaning & polishing system for concrete & natural stone floors.


No Minimum Direct Shipment Saves the Day

CSG’s 2022 ESG Report

As a subsidiary of Clean Solutions Group, Americo is an integral part of the broader vision for A Cleaner Way Forward™. Our first ESG report provides a company-wide view of our benchmarks, progress, and opportunities.

Made in the USA

All products manufactured by Americo are made in the USA. 

Cleaner Floors. Greener World.

The floor pads we produce use 100% recycled fiber, most are Green Seal® certified and incorporate our enhanced biodegradation, Full Cycle® technology.

Americo products are available for export.  We currently export to over 70 countries. 

2023 Product Catalog

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The most extensive line of floor pads for any cleaning need and floor type. A sustainable, high quality and efficient solution for floor care.

A wide range of cleaning accessories that complements your needs for a better cleaning job.

Mats from Americo promote a good impression in any environment while providing cleaner and safer floors.

A CSG Company

Clean Solutions Group (CSG) is an ESG company dedicated to providing our customers with high quality and environmentally responsible nonwoven cleaning and filtration products. Formed in 2022, CSG combines two leaders in nonwoven manufacturing to create a sustainable green cleaning powerhouse.


Diamond polishing system for concrete & natural stone floors

Black Diamond 400

  • 400 GRIT
  • Use on worn concrete floors
  • Effectively removes scratches and stains, leaving a clean, matte surface 
  • Use with oscillating or rotary machines up to 350 rpm

Black Diamond 800

  • 800 GRIT
  • Deep cleans and removes heavy scratches
  • Leaves a clean, smooth floor ready for the next step
  • Use with oscillating or rotary machines up to 3000 rpm

Black Diamond 1500

  • 1500 GRIT
  • Brings out the initial luster of the floor’s surface
  • Use with oscillating or rotary machines up to 3000 rpm

Black Diamond 3000

  • 3000 GRIT
  • Ideal for daily use to maintain a brilliant, high luster surface
  • High gloss appearance on stone, vinyl, linoleum, smooth concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone floors
  • Use with oscillating or rotary machines up to 3000 rpm

No Minimum Direct Shipment Saves the Day

More Warehouses.

Americo has added warehouse locations across the US. This allows us to extend significant benefits to our customers, including shorter lead times and greater flexibility in order fulfillment.
Key Benefits:
• $25 small order fee eliminated.
• Removal of $250 minimum order.
• Order as little as one case.

Faster Lead Times.

We make it easy to be the hero your customers deserve with two-day lead times on in-stock Americo Label products. Americo branding offers the added benefit of Americo’s Green Seal certification of our award-winning Full Cycle™ enhanced biodegradation technology on applicable items.

Full Line Available.

All standard price list items, with the exception of floor matting, will be stocked and ready to ship with no minimums. Get your pads, your way, on your timeline.

Full Cycle® Floor Pads


Exceptional Performance and Green Seal Certified!

Full Cycle® Products are certified by Green Seal® for
Environmental Innovation based on faster biodegradation
in landfill conditions and 100% recycled content/natural fiber.

TrapEze® helps reduce cross contamination.

  • TrapEze® sweep and dust sheets are a great solution in any public facility.
  • TrapEze® is more effective. Independent tests show that TrapEze® picks up 73% more dust and debris than other dusting sheets.
  • TrapEze® is more hygienic than reusable dust cloths. No more dragging soiled dusting equipment from room to room. Simply discard after use and stop spreading germs. A fresh clean sheet is ready for the next room.
  • TrapEze® is the convenient way to clean floors, window ledges, vents, light fixtures, and crown molding.
  • TrapEze® works on any tool and gets the job done in those hard to reach places.
  • U.S. Patent No. 11,484,185