Filter Media

Poly-Flo Filter Media

Americo has been the prime manufacturer of nonwoven biological and mechanical filter media for the U.S. pond and aquarium industry for over 28 years. We are truly dedicated to this industry and are proud to be an integral part of the growth and awareness of healthy ecosystems of ponds and aquariums.

Our filter media, a component of skimmer, waterfall and aquarium systems, is integral to promoting a healthy ecosystem for ponds and aquariums. Our Poly-Flo Biological filter media has been designed to contain high surface area for beneficial bacterial colonization, resists clogging and channeling, is durable, long lasting and UV resistant.

Our Mechanical filter media is designed to trap debris while allowing a high volume of water to pass through. Our material is tested by an independent bioassay lab to make certain it is non toxic to fish.

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