Other Ways We're Green

Here are just a few additional ways we are doing our part in making a greener environment for everyone.

Water Base Latex Resins

We only use water-based latex resins in our binding process. No hazardous resins are used in our manufacturing process.

Recycled Packaging

All of our shipping cartons contain at least 45% recycled materials. Even the cartons themselves are 100% recyclable!

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We’ve installed new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art equipment, increasing
our energy efficiency by more than 30%.

Clean Air Permit

Our manufacturing plant is operating
under an EPA approved Clean Air Permit.

Additional Ways We’re Living Green for a Cleaner Tomorrow

We have replaced older HVAC systems in our facility with “High Seer Rated” systems which reduce our energy usage and further reduce our “Carbon Footprint”.

Where possible, manufacturing process motors have been placed on variable frequency drives to increase energy efficiency. VFD drive technology reduces energy consumption and saves up to 30% in energy costs.

Our main manufacturing facility in Acworth, Georgia is completing a roof renovation that utilizes a highly reflective white elastomeric coating.This coating is highly reflective and helps conserve energy by lowering the building’s temperature.

Halogen lighting in Americo’s facility is being replaced with T-8 series fluorescent fixtures, which increases efficiency and lowers energy consumption.

Administrative office HVAC control systems automatically lower/raise temperatures when offices are unoccupied, which reduces our energy consumption dramatically.

Our current purchasing system is paperless along with other practical administrative processes. We are set up to handle electronic data transfer, EDI, for customers who prefer paperless ordering.

Collection bins have been placed throughout Americo’s offices and plant facilities to encourage environmentally sound disposal of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, corrugated boxes and other paper products.

California Notice: California law prohibits the sale of plastic packaging and plastic products that are labeled with the terms ‘biodegradable’, ‘degradable’, or ‘decomposable’, or any form of those terms, or that imply in any way that the item will break down, biodegrade, or decompose in a landfill or other environment. These restrictions apply to all sales in or into the State of California, including such sales over the Internet.