Green X-Heavy Duty Hand Pad

No. 94-86 – Extra tough jobs

  • Removes rust and corrosive deposits from metal surfaces. Cleans burned-on food and grease on grills and griddles
  • Size: 6″ x 9″


The No. 94-86 X-Heavy Duty Hand Pad is made of polyester fibers in an open textured, nonwoven pattern. Abrasive particles are dispersed throughout and bonded to the nonwoven construction with a durable adhesive.

For extra aggressive cleaning. This pad is excellent for removing built-up grease and burned-on foods from pots, pans, ovens and broilers. Also is ideal for removing rust and corrosion.

510125 510163 510127


Stock Code Packed Pads Per Case Case Weight Case Cube
510125 6 printed bags of 10 60 5.10 lbs 1.23
510163 3 plain bags of 20 60 5.10 lbs 1.23
510127 Bulk packed 15 1.36 lbs 0.45


Product Specification PDF