SmartScrub Floor Pad

SmartScrub™ The Power to Clean and Shine in Just One Step

We are pleased to introduce our latest innovation to simplify hard floor care … SmartScrub™ cleaning and shining pad. SmartScrub™ saves labor and material costs, making it the smart choice for daily floor maintenance.

SmartScrub™ is highly durable and lasts 5X longer than traditional floor pads. Effective with just water, this innovative pad gradually increases the shine with each use, reducing or eliminating the need to burnish. Designed for wet use with a low-speed auto scrubber, the process reduces dust, creating a healthier work environment. Better yet, SmartScrub™ is Green Seal certified, which is a win for everyone.




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SmartScrub™ The Power to Clean and Shine in Just One Step

  • Beautiful floors in one step, saves time and money
  • Labor savings, reduces/eliminates the need to burnish
  • More durable than competing brands
  • More efficient cleaning than competing brands
  • Brightly colored wear indicator takes away the guess work
  • Environmentally preferred with Green Seal certification
  • Reduces dust in work environment
  • Chemical-free, works with just water
  • Versatile, can be used with many flooring substrates
  • Designed for wet use with a low-speed auto scrubber

Color: Azure Blue/Brilliant Yellow

Machine Speed: Up to 350 RPM

Stock Codes: 403012 40301218 403013 403014 40301420 40301424 40301432  403015 403016 403017 403018  403019 403020 403021 403022 403023 403024


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SmartScrub Specialty floor pad from Americo Manufacturing on Vimeo.