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Each school day, more than 60 million students and staff attend our nation’s schools, representing 20 percent of the American population. Unfortunately, approximately half of them are being exposed to polluted indoor air within their schools. A green cleaning program can help reduce these harmful exposures—and it can do so much more, too.

Americo Manufacturing Company is proud to announce its sponsorship of GreenCleanSchools.org, an important online resource that brings together information, tools and assessments to help schools implement healthy, environmentally responsible cleaning programs. Healthy Schools Campaign, a national school health advocacy and policy organization, presents GreenCleanSchools.org as a way to inform and empower stakeholders who can truly change the way schools clean. Not only is green cleaning good for the environment, it is healthier for students and school staff, and has proven to be a cost-effective and efficient practice that has been embraced by school facility managers and cleaning professionals across the country.

“The decision to support a well-respected organization, such as Healthy Schools Campaign, was an easy one. We share the same core values when it comes to education and promoting green products. In all that we do, we are conscious of the impact that our products have on the environment. We help our customers do the same by providing high quality sustainable everyday products, like our Full CycleTM floor pads. Our floor pads are made from post-consumer waste and are formulated to biodegrade* in a fraction of the time that it takes conventional floor pads, once discarded into an active landfill. When consumers see our Full CycleTM label, they will know they have a quality product while at the same time reducing mankind’s impact on the environment—and that’s a benefit to everyone,” said Leonard Shutzberg, Chief Executive Officer of Americo Manufacturing Company.

“Green Clean Schools is made possible because of strong partnerships, including our partnership with Americo Manufacturing Company,” said Mark Bishop, vice president of policy for Healthy Schools Campaign. “We applaud Americo for their commitment to green cleaning, and for the impact their support will have on the health of those who go to school every day to learn and to work.” To learn more, visit GreenCleanSchools.org.

About Healthy Schools Campaign

Healthy Schools Campaign (HSC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making schools healthier places for all students. HSC believes that health and wellness should be incorporated into every aspect of the school experience. Founded in 2002, HSC advocates for children to have better access to nutritious school food, physical activity, school health resources and clean air to shape their lifelong learning and health. HSC facilitates collaboration between students, parents, teachers, administrators and policymakers to help prepare this diverse group of stakeholders to lead change for healthier schools at the school, district, state and national levels. For more information, go to healthyschoolscampaign.org, or follow HSC on social media at facebook.com/healthyschools and twitter.com/healthyschools.

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