Disposable Dusting Sheets

  • More adhesive on the outside of each sheet means more effective dust, dirt, sand and hair collection
  • Disposable dusting sheets support a more hygienic facility
  • Single-ply construction eliminates the risk of delamination
  • Designed for use with any existing dusting tool
  • Proprietary adhesive leaves no sticky residue
  • Double-sided for extended use

Product Description

The future of commercial surface cleaning, turning any dusting tool into an easy-to-use, high-quality dusting appliance. A single-ply, double-sided, disposable, adhesive-coated dusting cloth manufactured to conveniently fit current dusting sheet tools. A patent pending product is constructed of non-woven fibers which are externally coated on both sides with a propriety adhesive material that removes dust and dirt without leaving a sticky residue behind.

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