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Americo Manufacturing Introduces TrapEze® Disposable Dusting Sheets

Acworth, GA May 2, 2018 – Americo Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of commercial cleaning products, introduces TrapEze Disposable Dusting Sheets. TrapEze is a single-ply, double-sided, disposable, adhesive-coated dusting cloth, manufactured to conveniently fit current dusting tools.

TrapEze employs a patent pending design which externally coats non-woven fibers with a proprietary adhesive on both sides material. Exposed adhesive removes more dust and dirt than traditional dusting without leaving a sticky residue behind.

“We are excited to bring this product to the market. Americo prides itself on innovation and we believe our patentpending design will change the commercial surface cleaning game,” said President of Americo, Richard Rones.

Designed to be used with any existing dusting tool, TrapEze is available in 5” and 8” widths. Sheets are perforated every 6” allowing the user to select the size that’s needed for their dusting application. Ideal for dust and debris removal on any hard surface floor, TrapEze can also be used clean high and hard to reach places, along with baseboards, moldings, ceiling fans, bookshelves, cabinets, radiators and lamp shades.

“Disposable dusting sheets prevent the cross contamination and are perfect for facilities with high hygienic standards like hospitals, physician offices and nursing homes,” stated John Miller, Amerio Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Disposable dusting sheets also reduce the cost associated with laundering traditional dust mops and the need to store unsightly soiled mops,” he added.

TrapEze Disposable Dusting Sheets are also available with distributor private labeling. Included with Americo’s established standard private label program, TrapEze can be privately name branded and offers a full sales, marketing and customer service support team.

TrapEze Disposable Dusting Sheets are now available nation-wide. Those interested in learning more can visit www.americotrapeze.com or contact an Americo Representative.

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About Americo Manufacturing Company

Americo Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of commercial cleaning products, which include Green Seal Certified® floor pads with Full Cycle® technology, hand pads, utility pads, and floor matting. Throughout its 48-year history, Americo has been recognized for innovation and quality as well as a global reach with products currently sold in all 50 states and over 70 countries worldwide.

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