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Consummates 6th Corporate Acquisition in the past seven years

Shortly after Continental Commercial Products (CCP) announced the closure of their Glit®/Microtron® plant in Wrens, Georgia, Americo Manufacturing Company acquired the strategic assets of the company. The purchase included equipment and inventory as well as formulations for all products produced in the Glit®/Microtron® facility. Americo also secured the rights to the Glit® name along with registered trademarks including the Buckaroo® and Jackeroo® brand names. CCP quickly endorsed Americo as a seamless alternative for their customer’s floor pad and other nonwoven material needs. “We believe that Americo is the best-suited company to handle your floor care and nonwoven needs going forward. Americo is one of the largest floor pad manufacturers in the world today and one of the most technologically advanced producers of nonwoven materials in our industry,” said David J. Feldman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Continental Commercial Products.

Continuing its strategy of delivering exceptional products to clients in over 70 countries worldwide, Chief Executive Officer of Americo Manufacturing Company, Lenny Shutzberg, reflected on the significance of their most recent asset purchase, “We are looking forward to the expansion of our product line with the addition of certain Glit® formulations that have been highly regarded within the industry for a very long time. With the re-introduction of select Glit® products, Americo will expand its offering, combining the best of both companies, in offering our clients the broadest range of floor pads in the industry,” said Shutzberg.

Americo’s purchase from CCP included select equipment and inventory, as well as formulations for all products produced in the Glit®/Microtron® facility. We own the rights to the GLIT®, Microtron®, and GLIT®/Microtron® registered trademarks along with various brand names associated with these marks.

We recently reintroduced Glit®/Microtron® CocoPad®, Buckaroo®, Joey®, WalnutPad® and stripping boots—now from Americo. For your convenience, we have included the following links for your review and use regarding the above mentioned products.

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