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Americo Offers a New Organic Cleaning Pad

ACWORTH, GA, April 15, 2013 – Americo Manufacturing Co., Inc., a leading manufacturer of hand pads and other nonwoven materials, has extended their product line to include the WalnutPad®. This innovative cleaning pad, with organic crushed walnut shells, provides aggressive cleaning action for virtually any surface. “We are excited about the addition of new products like the WalnutPad. They support the growth of our business, while meeting the challenging needs of our customers,” said John Miller, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing from Americo.

The WalnutPad® offers a solution for those looking for a product that may be utilized on ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, painted surfaces and more. The open web design and heavy thickness of the pad ensures its resiliency through hundreds of uses. Americo is currently accepting orders for the WalnutPad®.

About the Company

Americo Manufacturing Company, headquartered in Acworth, Georgia is a leading manufacturer of sustainable products such as synthetic and natural fiber floor pads, hand pads, utility pads and floor matting. 100% of the polyester fiber used in pads produced by Americo comes from recycled material from post-industrial and post-consumer waste and the binders we use are based on water-based technology. Americo’s products are currently sold worldwide for over 44 years.

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